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BBA Course

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

In the current global context, the School believes that professionals must exhibit both competence and character- competence to achieve business objectives and character to make ethical choices. The School is committed to developing these qualities in its students, through the specially designed BBA syllabus.

Co-designed by Imperial College London Business School, BMU’s innovative BBA programme offers a new vision for business education, with particular emphasis on the BBA subjects that are added to the BBA syllabus. Based on an interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum, with a team-based, problem solving and hands-on learning environment, this BBA syllabus and programme prepares its students for the corporate world. Students will graduate with practical knowledge and skills that will help them set the highest possible standards at the workplace. In that aspect, the BBA subjects will help them learn how to analyse business environments, devise business plans, work in cohesive teams and think up effective solutions to real problems.